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Monochronic vs Polychronic

How different culture perceive time: monochronic vs polychronic Do you know there is up to 20% of expats that return home due to failure to adapt to different local values and norms or behavior within 2 years? (Bennett, Aston &…

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Italy’s Liberation day

Italy’s Liberation day April 25th The 25th of April is a national holiday in Italy since 1946. In Italian Giorno della Liberazione or Festa della Resistenza celebrates the end of the Nazi occupation during World War II and the end…

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The Good Friday in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

The Good Friday in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto The Rites and the Procession of “Varette” during the Good Friday If you’re in Sicily for Easter, you will find some interesting Italian Easter celebrations, rituals and traditions. For example; every family has…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Erasmus+ KA1

Training Courses coming up!

Training Courses coming up! We would like to remind you about a few training courses in the frame of Erasmus+ programme taking place this summer in Sicily at EProjectConsult There are two confirmed training courses coming up, one in May…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Erasmus+ KA1

Deadline 2017 Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships projects 2017 Today was the deadline for submitting the applications under KA2 Erasmus+ program (Strategic partnerships) and we are happy to announce that we are involved as partner in 12 project proposals with European partners from…

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Copy of Copy of Erasmus+ KA1

How to plan your Erasmus+ experience

Looking for an internship abroad? First of all ask yourself the following questions: what do I want to achieve with the internship? What do I want to learn? What does my ideal company or organization look like? What contribution would…

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Copy of Erasmus+ KA1 (4)

Keep educating yourself

Successful People Never Stop Learning… In our modern time things are constantly changing and new trends are appearing steadily in daily life: communication, fashion, education, and of course in labor market. New technologies are spreading around and getting even into…

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REMEDY Second meeting Krakow Poland

REMEDY – Second meeting Krakow, Poland It’s taking place in Krakow, Poland, the second of the four planned international meetings as part of the project titled “Re.Me.Dy – Recalling Memories in Diversity”, funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme, Action…

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Erasmus+ KA1 projects

Few days left for applying – Erasmus+ KA1 2017

Few days left for applying – Erasmus+ KA1 2017  2 February 2017 is an officially announced applying deadline in this year for Key Action 1: Mobility of individuals  which facilitates Learning mobility for Higher education, vocational education and training, schools,…

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