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10 useful ways to empower your competencies

What is competency? Competency is not only the skill, ability, and knowledge but also the appropriate attitude to perform a certain work effectively and sufficiently.  You are never too old to start to learn. Thus, keep an eye what you…

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A chance to broaden your knowledge, gain more deep understanding and experience the best ever unforgettable moment in your life is what Sicily can bring to all of you. So, can Sicily be your next destination? Sicily in a nutshell…

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colors vs personalities

Colors And Personalities – What You Need To Know

Colors and Personalities Misunderstanding, conflicts or disagreement always happen when working in an international team with different cultures. The more diverse multicultural team you lead, the more different personalities you face. Thus, understanding your own personality and the others’ one could…

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Entrepreneurship in Youth

Entrepreneurship, why not? In such a competitive labor market in Europe, finding a suitable job seems a huge challenge that most of the young people are currently facing. Although there have been some positive policies from competent authorities and international…

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summer internship

Optimize your learning experience

HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR SUMMER INTERNSHIP! Nowadays, students are becoming more familiar with summer internship, but it seems that there are still many students do not realize the core significance and benefits of one summer internship abroad or considered it…

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Training course Graphic Design & Photography September 2017

Graphic design and photography Training topic: Graphic design and photography Target group: Graphic design: Graphic designers, teachers in graphic design Photography: Artists, photographers, photography students Place: Via T.C. P. Arcodaci 48 – 98051 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto – Messina –…

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Monochronic vs Polychronic

How different culture perceive time: monochronic vs polychronic Do you know there is up to 20% of expats that return home due to failure to adapt to different local values and norms or behavior within 2 years? (Bennett, Aston &…

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Italy’s Liberation day

Italy’s Liberation day April 25th The 25th of April is a national holiday in Italy since 1946. In Italian Giorno della Liberazione or Festa della Resistenza celebrates the end of the Nazi occupation during World War II and the end…

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